Sourcing the right product(s) for any project is a time-consuming process. There is much to consider.

Any glazing specification needs to take into account performance, aesthetics, building environment, durability, maintenance, security and sustainability, all of which effect end results.

New innovations and products continually coming to market often makes the task more onerous. This is why we exist, to help you make an informed choice.

By only partnering with the leading window and door manufacturers from Europe and the UK, and continuously updating our product and technical knowledge, together with the latest trends and developments in the industry, we can work with you to produce uncompromised glazing specifications that meet your ‘as designed’ requirements.

We then manage the process from specification to order through to on-site delivery. Installation is through approved partners who share our values.

It’s no secret we take glazing seriously, but our approach to our clients, whom we see as partners, has always been and always will be relaxed and informal because we understand an open dialogue is always the most effective way of understanding what is needed.